APEX Legends: Season 3 – Meltdown

APEX Legends: Season 3 - Meltdown

Electronic Arts
Role: Cutdown Editor


As part of the live service that Apex Legends are providing, they are releasing DLC’s in the way of seasons throughout the games lifespan. As the 3rd season was rapidly approaching my old friends at Respawn have been working with The Mill in LA to produce a visually stunning trailer to reveal the new playable map and new legend Crypto.

I was then asked to create 4 shorter re-edits of the piece for marketing purposes in a variety of aspect ratios, but I also needed retain the narrative and show off the new elements coming to the game.  The first was the 30 second edit which would be one of the main edits to be shared. Below are examples of the other cutdown edits I created and an example of the aspect ratios I had to cater for.

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30 Second Edit

This was a great piece to work on and it’s been an honour to work with such talented people to create these assets. Thanks to Drew and Jon at Respawn Entertainment for bringing me onto the project, thanks to Darkburn Creative for the creating animated assets, thanks to the team at Source Sound for their work on the audio and a huge thanks and congrats to The Mill LA for their stunning work on the longform edit and providing me with the assets I needed to make these versions.

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15 Second 9:16 Edit

This edit was mainly used for Instagram and Facebook stories and was a challenge to reframe the shots so they would work in this aspect ratio.

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10 Second 4:5 Edit

This edit was used as a post in the Instagram feed itself. By making the piece in 4:5 ratio you can take up the most amount of screenspace in the Instagram feed without having the video cropped at all.

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6 Second 1:1 Edit

The 6 second edit was used as bumpers that would play as sponsored ads before featured videos on certain social media sites.

By creating all of these different version of the edit it meant that the asset could be across as many channels as possible (as well as a being part of other posts in the way of a sponsored ad). Most edits we made in multiple aspect ratios and were then localised so all the messaging were in the native language to the country it was being viewed in. This was a big lift by all the teams involved and I hope they are proud of what they have produced. I’m so honoured to have worked with such talented people.  I hope our paths will cross again soon!

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