About Me

About me

A Vancouver based, experienced, award winning 2D / 3D AnimatorMotion Designer and Video Editor.

Originally from Yorkshire, I have over 10 years of industry experience working in the; Advertising, TV and Gaming sectors.  I started out working in a creative agency called The Neighbourhood in Manchester before going freelance in 2015. I have worked with a variety of clients including: BBC Sports, EA, Sony Playstation, Hyundai, JD Sports, Saucy Fish, Brother and many others.

Skills & Toolset

I’ve used a variety of different software in my career but now mainly use the Adobe Master Suite to produce the majority of my work (with a helpful mix for Cinema 4D too).

With this in mind I’m always open to expanding my skillset and truly believe it’s about finding the right tool for the idea as opposed to the other way around. Below shows the programs I used day-to-day and what I feel proficient in:

What do you do?

Motion Designer

Do you have some cool design that you want to bring to life? Or even just an idea? Definitely get in touch as this is why I choose to do what do. I'm all about bringing things to life and getting people as excited about your brand as you are.

2D/3D Animator

I started my career as a 2D and 3D animator. Whether you are looking for someone with a skillset in: modelling, texturing, rigging or character animation please do get in touch as I still do this regularly and would love to hear about what you need a hand in.

Video Editor

Recently this has been what clients have come to me most for. Since going freelance I've been asked to work as a video editor a lot and I pride myself in my attention to detail. I think my background in music has given me a great sense of timing and that has translated through to my edits.

Basically, I love bringing brands and designs to life! If you have a project in mind or you just want to get in touch and introduce yourself I would love that. Just fire me a message over the contact for or email me. I always love meeting people in person to so if you see me at a networking even or fancy chatting about things in person lets do that Canadian thing where you grab a coffee!

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