About Me

About me

Hello, my name is Steve and I'm a Vancouver based, award winning Senior Motion Designer, Video Editor and Director.

Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, I have over 13 years of industry experience working in; Advertising, Broadcast and Gaming sectors. I started out working in a creative agency called The Neighbourhood in Manchester before going freelance in 2015.

In 2017, myself and partner moved to Vancouver where I joined Electronic Arts where I’m currently working as a Senior Motion Designer & Video Editor. Over my career I’ve worked with a variety of clients including: BBC Sports, Hyundai, Formula 1, Real Madrid CF, Sony Playstation, JD Sports, Brother and many others.

Skills & Toolset

My passion is bringing stories to life. Whether that’s through: script writing, video editing, directing cameras or building bespoke motion graphics. I love creating content that brings you closer to a brand and tells their story. I’m used to producing a variety of deliverables for cross platform activations on social sites such as: Facebook, Threads, X, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube and Instagram along with content fit for broadcast.

For this I’ve used a variety of software but now mainly use the Adobe Master Suite to produce the majority of my work and I’m also very proficient in Cinema 4D.

With this in mind, I’m always open to expanding my skillset and truly believe it’s about finding the right tool for the idea as opposed to the other way around. I have experimented with, and utilized AI to help in certain projects to get the best possible results but I’m proud to say that my work is my own.

What do I do?

Motion Designer

Do you have illustrations you want to bring to life? A Visual Identity that you want to turn into a Motion Toolkit? Or even just an idea for an infographic. Definitely get in touch, as this is why I choose to do what do. I'm all about bringing content to life and getting people as excited about your brand as you are.

2D/3D Animator

I started my career as a 2D & 3D animator and it's still what I love working on to this day. Whether you are looking for a polished 3D title sequence or 2D character led mograph, please do reach out as I'd love to help bring your visions to life and to the audience you're targeting.

Video Editor

In recent years this is what I've become best known for. I'm booked up for months: script writing, directing and stitching your stories together to create worldwide content that appears on all channels of social media. My background in music helps me deliver a style and attention to detail that really catches your eyes and ears.

Basically, I love bringing brands and designs to life! If you have a project in mind or you just want to get in touch and introduce yourself, that would be great. Just fire me a message via LinkedIn and lets get talking. I always love meeting people in person or chatting over video call, so if you would rather do that then lets book in a coffee date!

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