Centre Point Brand Film

Centre Point Brand Film

The Neighbourhood
Role: Editor
Client: Almacantar
Production Company: The Neighbourhood
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The Neighbourhood had a strong relationship with Alamacantar after working with them for many years and this was one of their most ambitious but hugely impressive jobs to date. They had plans to renovate the Centre Point Tower (a brutalist skyscraper by architect George Marsh) in Tottenham, London into luxurious apartments ranging from £1.8million to £55 million. The Neighbourhood were tasked with producing all of the architectural visualisation images for the project as well as the digital and branding work too. I was brought onto the Centre Point project to help the very talented Bled Bujupi on the film edit which was being directed by James Gilbert.

It was a great piece to be involved with as it gave the whole studio a chance to work together. It didn’t usually get to work with members of the Architectural Visualisation team as most of the time they worked on stills.

James directed a shoot in Tottenham to show the area off to its fullest, and show potential buyers what their investment could get them. The models featured were wearing custom designed clothing that were and inspired by the brutalist architecture of the building itself. The film also included CG shots of how the building was going to look once the renovation was complete which I got to work on too, bringing them to life. The opening shot for example, we completely removed the Centre Point building and replaced it with a full CG one as well as it’s surrounding buildings. I tracked, comped, masked and graded the shot so it would fit in seamlessly.

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