Titanfall 2 DLC Trailers

Titanfall 2 DLC Trailers

Electronic Arts
Role: Motion Designer and Editor
Production Company: Electronic Arts

These trailers are the reason I got to join Electronic Arts Canada. I was employed to help produce these trailers to show new downloadable content coming to the games. It was a brilliant project with a truly brilliant team. Drew Stauffer was the steatite director and I worked with the talented capture team at Darkburn Creative to produce these trailers over the remaining of the game cycle. At this point it was hailed as “a game that just kept on giving” as the developers kept listening to the players and did their utmost to deliver what they wanted. Another import detail about this was that the DLC’s were free with some extra’s gamers could pay for if they wanted to. These were all cosmetic though, no paying to win. Each trailer we made had well thought out narrative and we did our best to keep the audience engaged and wherever possible increase the amount of people playing this game.

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“A Glitch in the Frontier”

My first trailer for the team wasn’t a simple one. There was a lot we wanted to show from funny moments a long choreographed continuous shot leading into the title. As well as this we had 2 maps to show.

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“Monarch’s Reign”

This trailer followed more of a linear path as we followed a teams journey through a battle. The idea was that an undercover team were storming the base. We follow the same players throughout the trailer unveiling new Takedowns / Titans / Titan Skins along the way before crescendoing on a battle between 2 fan favourite titans.

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“War Games”

For this trailer we wanted mess with the linear format again and introduce the time-travel element. There is a brilliant part of the campaign in Titanfall 2 which lets you jump between 2 points in time and we wanted to drop a hint of that onto this trailer and show how you could use that to your advantage.

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“Operation Frontier Shield”

This trailer was arguably the most involved as we had so much to show. With this DLC we were launching a new mode where you take on waves of enemies together and have to protect your shield. We wanted to show it on different maps to show the diversity of the mode but try and keep a common thread throughout. And as a bonus we had some remastered maps for fans that preferred our other modes.

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“Postcards from the Frontier”

This trailer was a “Thank-you and farewell” from all of us at the Titanfall team. This was to be our last DLC so we wanted to make a trailer to express how amazing the journey had been and thanks to everyone for their support! Throughout I hid Easter eggs for the die-hard fans and I hope it really payed off.

These trailers were hugely successful as they didn’t just help retain players, they brought new players to the franchise too. It was brilliant to see how the fans and developers can work together to keep expanding a game once it’s already out there. All the sequence you see through these trailers are carefully choreographed by myself Drew and the talented team at Darkburn and are actual gameplay captures. It’s very impressive to work with such a talented team who just want to show how far you can push the game. Thanks to everyone I worked with on these and hopefully there will be more Titanfall in the future.

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