Hawkins\Brown Brand Film

Hawkins Brown Brand Film

The Neighbourhood
Role: Motion Designer and Editor
Client: Hawkins\Brown
Production Company: The Neighbourhood


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This is a brand film for an architecture company called Hawkins\Brown based in London. We designed this piece along side the design of their new website and it heads up their home page.

All of the stop motion was done in-shot and we avoided post work as much as possible apart from a few touchups and colour correction. We wanted to be as purist as we could with this piece and do all the transitions in shot. I practiced all of the arrangements in the studio previously using a scaled down version to test that they would cut together before heading the the 3 day shoot in Hawkins\Brown’s London studio. This work was invaluable as we weren’t able to film the shots back to back. I even ended up playing a small role in it, swapping my clothes for high vis. This piece is was also entered into the architecture awards in . All the footage was shot by the talented photographer Will Scott, before being edited by myself.

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