FIFA 20 – Launch Assets

FIFA 20 - Launch Assets

Role: Motion Designer
Production Company: ELECTRONIC ARTS


For the launch of FIFA 20 we were tasked with creating engaging content to go over our partners channels. Over the course of the campaign so far, we have already collected a lot of imagery as well as created a lot of content that could be used in these assets. The project was headed up by my good friend Alex Elms who wanted to explore the idea of a seamless carousel on Instagram, but incorporate video in there as well. He had already be collaborating with the brilliant Ravin Edrisi who had be working up designs using the FUT branding that had been created earlier in the year.

I was asked to setup a template to help bring these designs to life and take it from a still carousel to a video one. Here’s a brief breakdown of how we did it, showing how we were able to make so many assets in a short space of time.

Play Video

As you can see from the video, we took the full carousel image and created one large looping video which would then be broken down into 5 separate ones to be uploaded in sequence. The key was to make sure that no moving assets were over the cut points, as they wouldn’t play out at the same time on separate videos when swiping between them. Ravin’s overlapping graphical treatment on these cut points made sure the videos were seamless when swiping through. We used assets I had created for the FIFA 20 reveal and the deep dive videos to bring the imagery to life, as well as using similar techniques on the photography from the talent shoots and in-game assets.

Along with these edits, we produced versions for featured players in the video so they could share it on their own channels. This one for example, is one I produced to go on Ronaldo’s personal instagram account and to date has the most views of any of the assets we created for this beat.

This was a great project to work on and the perfect chance to collaborate with 2 very talented designers to create something completely different to what FIFA had done before. We are very proud of how these pieces came together and how well received they were. We feel these assets stand up in both the gaming community and the design world, which has been a battle we have been fighting internally for some time now. Thanks again to the guys and I look forward to working with you both again soon!

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