F1 23 Launch Trailer & UK TV Ad

F1 23 Launch Trailer & UK TV Ad

Electronic Arts
Role: Principal / Senior Editor
Client: Codemasters
Production Company: Electronic Arts
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For the final part of EA F1 23’s launch campaign we were asked to produce a launch trailer that would focus on the 2 new circuits that were coming to the F1 calendar this year as well at the returning story mode: Braking Point 2. We were also asked to ensure we could repurpose it as the UK TV ad. The TV ad ran over several race weekends on Sky Sports and we also produced bumpers that would go either side of ad breaks.

It was another fun asset to work on with the team as we had complete creative freedom after the success of our previous trailers in the campaign. As well as this I was also asked to produce 2 custom edits for Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc for their social channels.

As we only had a week to turn this all around it was all hands on deck and relied on using shots from the cutting room floor along with new capture. Our brand team came in very late with the request to slap big text titles over the top of certain shots to really hammer the message home which I would have rather not had in there. I feel like less is more with assets like this but sometimes you have to pick your battles especially when the deadlines are so tight.

Huge thanks to the whole capture team, Elliot Harrison, Josh Kline and Jordan Crouch for their efforts on this to get it over the line. Also thanks to Source Sound who managed to produced multiple passes for both web and TV versions of the trailer.

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