Star Wars Squadrons – Free Content Update Trailer

Star Wars Squadrons – Free Content Update Trailer

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After a fantastic launch, Squadrons has been going from strength to strength. I was so proud to be involved in such an amazing gaming experience which brought all the nerds my age back together to feel what we had all wanted to know when we were 8… what is it like to be a fighter pilot in the Star Wars universe?

A few months after the release of the main game, fans were really quite vocal in what ships they would love to see in the future. From ships in the animated series right through to the original trilogy, there were requests coming from all parts of the SW universe. So Motive decided to find the 2 most requested ships from the fans and get them in the game. I was then asked to revisit my “Squadrons Gameplay trailer” routes to show these new ships coming in the December update. It was a lot of fun getting back with the crew and back into working on something we all loved and we could all bring our strengths to. 

When we lost Galen Scorer part way through the project to explore new pastures it gave me the opportunity to step up and really help drive the team to the finish line. I want to thank Galen for all of his hard work on the Squadrons campaign and I really feel I learnt a lot from him with the time we worked together. It was great to join forces once more with ex-EA Chris Popkey who worked wonders one the audio of the piece. Without an amazing team of: Producers, Art directors, game developers, audio designers and capture artists we would not have been able to get an asset of this strength in the time we had.

Thanks again to everyone involved, every time I work with this amazing team on this franchise I have to pinch myself. 

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