Fifa 18 – FUT Intro

Fifa 18 - FUT Intro

Electronic Arts
Role: Motion Designer and Editor
Client: Fifa
Production Company: Electronic Arts


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This was the first piece I got to work on when joining Electronic Arts Canada. For this I was asked to create a short introductory video to help new players understand the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 18. The idea was to get them excited as well as inform them so they would spend the time setting up their team after the video finished.

I worked closely with the capture team to create fun gameplay sequences and worked in the linelook and menus as to familiarise the viewer with them before they got to those screens. As the game was still being built and player ratings were still being changed it had to be built procedurally so it would be easy to update and re-export.

Something I had never taken into account was that we would have to create different versions for different generations of consoles. This was to ensure that we suggest that graphics were better than what the console could produce. It’s also a very weird feeling to have a video you have produced forever stored on game disk that anyone will be able to access. A lot of content can disappear into the ether but this will always be there while the game discs are around.

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