EAFC 24 Heroes Teaser

EAFC 24 Heroes Teaser

Electronic Arts
Role: Senior Editor / Motion Designer
Client: EA FC
Production Company: Electronic Arts
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For the first time in a few years I jumped back onto EA’s football franchise which has now been rebranded to FC. It was nice to work with the new team members for the first time, as well as some of the old guard to produce this quick turn around teaser animation to get everyone excited for the the new game.

I was given the motif design by the very talented Ravin Edrisi and was asked to come up with a “Marvel style” teaser animation to hint at the identity of the new Heroes being released the FC’s Ultimate Team. With the timelines being so short I used the King and Creatures track “Lust & Giants” to build out an animatic and then started to build out the 3D scenes in Cinema. This ended up being the track & edit we used throughout and the original idea was to show how the heroes were created by 2 colliding stars / planets. We then go on to tease the identity of the heroes showing clues from their artwork within the motif letters. Once everything was nailed down I then converted the files to Redshift and started upping the fidelity of the whole piece to get it to the same level as the motif I was originally supplied.

And even thought the brand team decided to go live with a version created by a vendor that is working on some other assets for us, I’m still proud of what I built out and wanted to share how I envisioned the creative before it was changed. I also wanted to show the effort that had gone into crafting the story and the creative for the teaser before it was stripped down and simplified.

Thanks to the team for letting me run with it and thanks to Mark Stang for his help on the final audio pass to really help show off the piece in it’s best light.

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