EA Showreel

EA Showreel

Electronic Arts
Role: Motion Designer and Editor
Client: Electronic Arts
Production Company: ELECTRONIC ARTS


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This week marks my 3 year anniversary here at Electronic Arts, and I wanted to produce a little edit showing some of the content I’ve had the pleasure of working on while I’ve been here.

From starting on the Titanfall franchise when I first arrived, right through to working on Fifa and Apex Legends trailers with the Mill and the in-house cinematics team, it’s been a lot of fun. I have the pleasure of collaborating with hugely talented teams that help create industry changing content and campaigns.

All pieces shown have huge teams behind them and would not have been completed without countless hours put in by the capture, development, audio, post-production and marketing teams. To all of you, a big thanks for your continuous support and congratulations on all of the amazing work you continue to produce day-in and day-out.

A big thanks to Rashaad Wiggins for his audio work on this edit (along with a lot of the content featured) and the Mediaworks team for giving me the opportunity to continue pushing our creative capabilities and pushing our content.

Music track: Let Out the Beast by 7kingZ

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