YBS Motion Branding

YBS Motion Branding

The Neighbourhood
Role: Motion Designer and Editor
Client: Yorkshire Building Society
Production Company: The Neighbourhood


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This branding film for Yorkshire Building Society showed what kind of graphics they could create with the Motion Branding toolkit I was supplying them with. This was to go to all associated agencies with YBS so all their content was coherent and connected.

This all follows the recent rebrand that YBS have had done and how they want to now be perceived. The main element that they build upon is the “squircle” (which is obviously half way between a square and circle) with a ridge down the centre. I modelled the 3D “squircle” in Cinema 4D and then textured the 2 tones onto the faces so we weren’t always relying on the lighting to get the right look. For the brand film itself, I worked up the different scenes to show what could be done with their branding and how far they could push their content. We did a small local shoot as well as working with Raj Savarapu who was DOP for the cake shoot. All the tracking for the shots were done in Cinema 4D itself and everything was then comped and colour corrected in After Effects.

This was the first time I had created a toolkit/templated graphics for other agencies to use. It really showed the importance of labelling everything correctly and making everything easy to use. This has proven to be an invaluable way of working when moving onto the BBC and EA as files get re-used and re-worked all the time. I used this project as a perfect learning experience of using the Cineware tool that now ships with After Effects Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. Using the this tool you could make changes to the text in Cinema 4D and render everything through After Effects which was a huge time saver and a great workflow. It also meant that any studio that had the most up-to-date After Effects could modify and render the assets with ease even if they are not used to producing 3D assets.

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