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Electronic Arts
Role: Motion Designer and Editor
Client: Electronic Arts
Production Company: Electronic Arts


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EA Sports Bundle

In the New Year of 2019 I was asked to create an edit that would show off a new sports bundle that EA was putting on sale. The bundle includes 4 quite different sports; basketball, ice-hockey, American football and football. As a theme for the piece I thought I would focus on the similarities between the sports to appeal to audiences that might not have considered these titles. As timelines were limited I had to get in touch with all the relevant teams and get exactly what I needed off them. All the teams were receptive and reactive and were able to send through plenty of footage for me to play with along with making some bespoke ones for the video itself. The video was so well received that they ended up making it into a TV commercial in North America during big matchups. I took this as a great compliment as it was never intended with this piece and was only decided once we had finished the audio pass and were ready to version it to post online.

As well as this I was asked to create a Fifa/Madden bundle ad in the same timescale:

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Fifa / Madden Bundle

So as well as this piece being similar to the larger EA Sports bundle I wanted to tighten in a little on the similarities between the 2 sports. I wanted to focus things like: the footwork, the skills, the passing, the large stadiums and player expression etc… So whether, is was using shots that we’re framed similarly or trying to show similar moves / plays I wanted it all to feel like it was connected. I think I achieved this as it also went down very well and was used in-store as well as on the digital marketplace. All in all I really enjoyed working on these tight briefs where I had the freedom to explore and I could just get to it as there was no time for rounds and rounds of feedback.

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